Shed Creative’s work is rooted in market research and targeted analysis. Taking full advantage of our position within the biggest record label in the world, we access proprietary data tools to build roadmaps of our client’s marketplace and go for long, scenic drives together (we connect key strategic findings with cultural insights to cultivate innovative ways of bringing client messages to life).


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Our proprietary segmentation tool allows us to profile your brand’s consumer base and learn exactly which type of music and culture fans they are, unpacking detailed knowledge around how to speak to them, the type of content they engage with, the activations they like and what makes them share the things they love.


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Events and experiences make audiences feel, move, and share - and provide unique artist access for fans across genres. We create 360-degree solutions that drive results, from booking, curation and talent, to promotion, production, and data capture.


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We craft engaging narratives that connect with audiences where they live. Our in-house production team works collaboratively with all stakeholders to develop creative, thought-provoking content that fans want to share, from podcasts to social video to feature documentary films.


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Pairing strategy and creative, we direct and develop both brand and campaign narratives by translating the vision and mission across all creative touchpoints, from traditional advertising to media buying.


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Using our proprietary software and in-depth knowledge of music and culture, we recommend artists and influencers who are the right fit, brokering deals and crafting content and strategy that results in organic partnerships that resonate with your audience.